"i say WE ARE you say ONE~ i say EX you say O~!"

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❝ Remember that you have me, don’t ever worry about anything,
I will forever be by your side.


i wonder how sehun’s noodle legs can handle his 200 pounds of booty man

Xiuchen selfcamera

"I was touched the most at that time when everyone was really tired, we are aware of how big the problem would be, specially for K, they have it harder since they don’t have time to sleep. Everyone in M was also particularly down. But even if they are obviously tired, K would come and cheer up M. Like Baekhyun and Chanyeol, they would immediately ran over to cheer us up. Suho and Kai as well. Kyungsoo too, even if its out of his character to go "wah wah wah", he would call me "ge" and massage my shoulders. Sehun touched me the most, though he is the youngest but he is very thoughtful to us his hyungs. He would always shout "EXO!!! We are one!!" cheering everyone up with a big smile. Watching this kid being like this, without anyone noticing, I ran to a corner and cried for quite a long time."


[Contemporary Pop Magazine] Yixing on what he believes to be the most important moment

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kai has a problem with xiumin being sexy

This was a post from Jackson’s facebook account way back on 2008.

"She kept hitting my tits when she was pissed at me" LMFAO JACKSON WANG SERIOUSLY HAHAHAHA

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